There are almost three million customer service employees working in the U.S. That’s a huge part of the total workforce. But not every one of those millions of reps wants to stick with customer service for the long haul. What can they do? Well, it turns out that a customer service role provides an excellent launchpad to other careers. In the profession, you learn skills that can apply to many other roles.

Customer Service Skills that You Can Use in Any Job

We know customer service gets tough sometimes. On bad days, you feel stuck in a call center, rolling through the same conversation with a seemingly endless string of agitated customers.

But on those difficult days, you have to focus on the positive. Even the truly horrific interactions provide a long-term benefit. Those rough conversations become your proving ground and your graduate school. The experiences you gain through your customer service role can prepare you for even bigger career opportunities down the road.

How? Well, the skills you master in customer service will serve you well in almost any endeavor. You get to hone your abilities in difficult situations, setting you up for broader horizons when you’re ready to seek other types of roles.

With that in mind, here are some of the traits necessary for success in customer service roles that will help you in many other circumstances:

  • Patience: Calmly dealing with angry customers will make most other professional interactions an absolute joy.
  • Communication: In customer service, you have to talk to all different types of people. This will give you a broad set of communication skills you can apply in almost any future role.
  • Active Listening: Communication isn’t just about knowing what to say. It’s also about truly hearing the other person. Customer service lets you develop this ability.
  • Problem Solving: Solving problems is the essence of customer service. Getting good at this skill also provides an excellent basis for success in other fields.
  • Ability to Learn: To excel at customer service, you have to know your company and your product. You also need to understand the system in order to direct clients appropriately. This ability to internalize information will boost your prospects in any endeavor.

Exciting Career Paths That Begin With A Customer Service Role

The skills you learn in customer service can apply to almost any other future role. However, they lend themselves to a few particular career paths. Here are a few directions you should consider if you’re ready to move on from your customer service role:


Many of the skills you learn in customer service will provide a firm foundation for a career in management. Just think of your team members as your customers. You need to listen, solve problems, enact company policies — all while keeping spirits up and tempers down.

Sound familiar? If you’ve excelled in customers service, you’ve probably developed more leadership skills than you realize.


Sales and customer service share a similar spirit. In both pursuits, the focus remains on the client. The salesperson talks to them before they make a purchase, the customer service professional intervenes afterward. Otherwise, they use similar skills. As such, you should feel confident that your stint in customer service has prepared you to succeed in sales.


Being a recruiter means using your service skills in two directions at once. You help your clients find the workers they need, while simultaneously directing candidates to the right positions. Your abilities to communicate and solve problems will serve you well in this fulfilling career.

Need Help Advancing Your Customer Service Career

Speaking of recruiters, they can also help you push your customer service career forward. Whether you want another service position or want to launch a new stage of your professional development, a top staffing firm, like Hiregy, will find you the perfect role.

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