Finally, the end of the year is almost here. You know what that means? Taking stock of an eventful 2021 and getting ready for 2022. This is the time for New Year’s resolutions after all.

This time of year also means performance reviews at many companies. This is your opportunity to step ahead. Use the discussion as a way to jumpstart the next stage of your career. Turn this year’s review into a springboard to take your professional development to the next level.

How do you do this? Turn your end-of-year review into a conversation about your future. Push for a promotion. Here’s how to steer the conversation in that direction:

How to Ask for A Promotion at Work

Do Your Job Well

Go into any discussion of a promotion with the best possible footing. You don’t want to receive a middling performance review and then suddenly request to move up in the organization. Rather, ensure that you’re at the top of your game before looking for additional responsibilities.

Know What Your Company Wants

What kind of person has gotten promotions in the past? The answer to this question will help focus your efforts in the right direction.

You don’t want to waste time mastering skills that don’t ultimately matter. As such, look into the situation ahead of time. Consider recent promotions and the factors that led to the decision.

Talk to some of the recently promoted people in your organization to learn about their experience. This will help you as you prepare to make your request. You might also gain an added networking boost – a fact that can help as you maneuver for a better position.

Hint Ahead of Time

Your promotion request shouldn’t come out of the blue. Don’t keep your ambitions to yourself. You don’t want to be brazen or aggressive. But, by hinting around a bit, you can learn where you stand and possibly gather some allies in your pursuit.

Get Your Leadership on Your Side

Speaking of allies…

Your company’s leadership will represent a key contributor to landing you a promotion. At the very least, your direct supervisor will wield a veto power. If they don’t think you are ready for more responsibility, few in the company will be willing to overrule that impression.

As a result, you should cultivate your leaders as part of your attempt to move up. Have them on your side going into the performance review. It might not guarantee you a new position, but their backing will represent a big step forward.

Learn About the Position

Search available positions before starting a conversation about a promotion. Ideally, you’ll have a specific role in mind, one that’s open and a good match for your background. This will let you target the conversation towards a very specific goal.

Prepare Your Pitch

Know what you want to say ahead of time. Research the situation and target your request. Make notes and have them available during the conversation.

Think of it like a job interview. Even though that’s not the formal purpose for your performance review, you’re going to use the discussion as a springboard. As such, you should be prepared for a detailed discussion of your skills and experience. In other words, be ready to describe the value you can bring to a new role.

Understand the Promotion Process

Your company likely has a formal process for considering promotion candidates. Understand the details prior to making your request. A deep knowledge of the bureaucracy will help you get an edge.

Be Bold…But Not Rash

You might not get your promotion on the first attempt. Don’t pout or ruin your chances with an ill-advised outburst. Don’t quit in a huff.

Rather, stand up for yourself and push for what you want. But still play the political game. Don’t let emotions overcome you. Remain calm and make the best decisions for your long-term career development.

No Promotion? Consider External Career Advancement Opportunities! 

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