FlexStaff Contract Staffing Services

Keep your business flowing smoothly with targeted project staffing services that allows you to deliver consistent, high-quality products and services to your customers. We provide capable team members to see you through volume peaks while reducing your overall staffing costs.

There are four primary reasons why companies choose a FlexStaff staffing solution.

  1. It's a more effective way to execute an overall employment strategy.
  2. It's an easier, quicker way to bring new talent into an organization.
  3. It provides a way to manage project-related or seasonal fluctuations that impact businesses.
  4. It allows companies to mitigate or shift risks that are normally associated with being an employer.


  • A large health insurance company keeps employment costs down by utilizing a team of Hiregy staffing agency contractors to assist with higher call volumes during open enrollment periods while reducing annual headcount.
  • A cable operator utilizes Hiregy’s FlexStaff Staffing Solutions to bring on new customer service representatives. New employees are brought on as Hiregy Contractors during their training classes and only those who pass the training materials are made employees of the cable operator. This minimizes turnover and risk during training.
  • A large healthcare company with offices on both sides of the country utilizes Hiregy’s targeted staffing agency services to source and identify candidates quickly as they take on new clients. This partnership allows them to focus on business while taking comfort in knowing that solid talent is only a phone call away when needed.

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