Best New Hires

In today’s tight job market, employers need to do whatever they can to woo the most promising job seekers. This is because top prospects often have more suitors than The Bachelor. And because they have choices, one misstep can take your company out of the running. What can you do to set yourself apart and grab the final rose? Take a few pages from The Bachelor playbook:

Help them be a better person. A good prospect will connect with a company that strives to boost employees’ skills and experience. Opportunities to develop professionally through training and cross training can entice potential employees and benefit the company by creating stability and low turnover.

Talk about the future. If your company invests in its workforce, let job seekers know that you work to promote from within, and learn more about each candidate’s future career plans. Then focus on selling the job they applied for and other potential opportunities that they may have in the future.

Make an investment. The uphill battle to winning the candidate attraction game becomes even steeper if your salaries aren’t competitive. Do your homework before advertising positions and make sure your salary is in line with target salaries in your geographic area. If you’re not sure, consult an employment expert.

Listen. Create a culture where employees can question and suggest, where real dialog for improvement occurs with the bosses. The safer the staff feels talking about the inner workings of the company, the more likely it will improve and appeal to future job candidates.

Spruce up. Take stock of the workspace. Does it look appealing? Is it a healthy environment for employees? Could it be better? Think about adding air purifiers, ergonomic chairs, and natural lighting, all of which will entice new employees and lift the moral of your current staff.

Play up the plusses: While you don’t have to build a gym, give away free food, or send the team on a ski trip, offering distinctive perks will go a long way to attracting the right candidates. Think about what you can offer employees with the uniqueness of your company culture. Casual Fridays, work at home days, and flex time may charm candidates just enough to seal the deal.

Build alliances. Your chances of wooing the right prospect jump exponentially with a good wing man. Consider working with a recruiter whose job it is to match candidates with companies. This partner can help you navigate to a long-term relationship with your top prospect.

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