Job interviews pass extremely quickly. Sometimes, you get as little as a half hour to make your case. Even at the typical length of a 45-60 minutes, you’ll have just enough time to get over your nerves before it’s time to start wrapping up.

That doesn’t give you a lot of opportunity to make your case and learn as much as possible about the company. Meanwhile, most of the process is directed by the interviewers. It’s hard to gain any control over the conversation, giving you little opportunity to steer the discussion towards the best topics for you.

The main exception to this rule: the questions you’re allowed to ask at the end of the conversation. This section of a typical interview gives you a massive opportunity. You get to direct the chat and underline your most valuable qualities.

With that in mind, here are five good questions to make sure to ask at the end of an interview:

Questions to Consider Before Ending the Interview

What do you like most about working here?

You’ll have more success if you can connect with your interviewers. At the same time, it’s helpful to learn as much as possible about the company. This question lets you achieve both goals at the same time.

By asking about your interviewer’s personal experience with the company, you get to know more about them. This can spark a meaningful back-and-forth, letting you break down some of the formal barriers. Meanwhile, the question remains focused on the company and the job, keeping it appropriate for the setting and potentially giving you additional insight about your potential employer.

Did you have any concerns about my candidacy for this job?

If your interviewers picked up any red flags about you, it’s best to confront the issue head-on. That way, you can allay their concerns. This question lets you do that. You can hear any shortcomings in your presentation and respond.

In many ways, this query acts as a companion to the dreaded “tell me about your weaknesses” prompt. In this case, you learn if they perceive any weaknesses about you, leaving you the opportunity to minimize their worries.

Can you tell me more about the corporate culture?

Culture will dictate a lot of your experience in a job. It influences how coworkers respond to each other and how communications with management are handled. Given its central role, you should learn as much as you can about this key topic.

Still, only about half of job seekers (47%) cite culture as a driving force in their search. As such, many forget to dig deeper into cultural matters. Don’t make this mistake. If the subject doesn’t come up in the interview, make sure to learn as much as possible when you get a chance to ask questions.

What are some of the key challenges I would face in this position?

Your long-term performance will largely be determined by how well you handle the most difficult aspects of your job. Most candidates can deal with the fundamental responsibilities. You need to prove you can push beyond the basics to reach the highest level of achievement.

This question will lead to a conversation of the higher-level aspects of the position. You can identify the most likely areas of differentiation and show how well you can succeed.

What traits do you think are most important for success in this position?

Try to find a positive note as you approach the end of the conversation. Here, you create an opening to further discuss your selling points as a candidate. Whatever traits the interviewer lists, you should point to specific experiences that show you have that ability.

This question has the added benefit of giving you additional information about the particular position. You’ll learn more about the underlying requirements of the role, as well as the type of candidate the interviewers are searching for.

Looking for More Guidance with Job Interviews?

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