Starting a career is difficult. You want to chase positions that you have a chance of landing. At the same time, this entry-level gig also needs to provide advancement opportunities and a possibility to learn. You can get that as an administrative assistant.

An entry-level position should represent just that: a step in the door. However, many jobs with this designation offer little in the way of advancement opportunities.

That’s not true with an administrative assistant. Instead, this opportunity offers an excellent base for career development. You’ll learn a lot, meet interesting people, have memorable experiences, and set yourself up for your next step.

Five Exciting Career Opportunities for Administrative Assistants To Take Advantage Of

Learn Crucial Skills

A job as an administrative assistant puts you in the ideal situation to learn valuable skills. No, we’re not talking about making coffee or operating the copier. Instead, you can pick up essential capabilities that you can apply throughout the rest of your career.

An administrative assistant position lets you practice the so-called soft skills that employers crave. These general abilities make you a good fit for any organization.

Here are some of the soft skills you can pick up as an administrative assistant:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability

Build an Extensive Network

As an administrative assistant, you become an instrumental member of the team. You act as leadership’s connection to the outside world, maintaining their schedule and juggling their interactions.

This puts you in contact with lots of different types of professionals. You’ll work directly with leadership team members daily. Beyond that, you’ll have contact with people in other parts of the organization.

The connections you make don’t stop at your office doors. You’ll also have communication with people outside your employer. Through your position, you’ll meet clients and partners.

All this puts you in a great position to expand your professional network. Every conversation represents a potential connection you can turn to later in your career.

Master Office Politics

In any organization, you need to deal with office politics. You’ll confront difficult personalities and sidestep potential disagreements. Learning these skills early in your career will ease your path up the corporate ladder.

As an administrative assistant, you’ll have a front-row seat for these encounters. You probably won’t participate much at this point. But you’ll witness the machinations by your colleagues.

This education should give you insight into how to tiptoe through the minefield of office politics when it’s your turn.

Gain Access to Exciting Experiences

On the surface, an administrative assistant may seem like a tedious office-bound job. However, this isn’t always the case. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to leave the office and have unique experiences.

As a crucial part of your company’s leadership, you’ll likely have a chance to travel. You might head to conferences or client meetings.

Sure, much of your life will consist of filing papers or sitting in front of a laptop. But every so often, you’ll get a fantastic chance at adventure.

Unlock New Opportunities

Think of an administrative assistant as a stepping stone. You’ll get your foot into an organization and look for a chance to move up.

Even if you can’t push forward in your own company, the connections you make, and skills you learn will raise your stock as a job candidate somewhere else. You can leverage your position as an administrative assistant to achieve a major acceleration of your professional development.

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