Yes, you go to work to get a paycheck. But you shouldn’t become a paycheck player. Employers want to see a deeper commitment to the organization and to its longer-term goals.

But how can you show that dedication as a job candidate? After all, you haven’t even been hired yet. How can you demonstrate your commitment during the recruitment process?

Here is some information to keep in mind as you look to show your sense of dedication as a job candidate:

Reasons Companies Value Commitment

To see the value of commitment to an employer, let’s look at one example. Fortune 100 company Caterpillar launched an employee engagement and commitment program at one of its plants. The result? A 70% increase in output in less than a third of a year.

So for a company, a dedicated staff can make a huge difference to the bottom line. This operates in multiple ways at once:

1. Improved Individual Performance:

A committed worker puts in additional hours and always gives their best. As a result, they become high-level contributors to the company

2. Better Team Building:

There is a multiplier effect when many committed workers collaborate. A dedicated employee can also drive improved performance from those around them.

3. Lower Turnover:

Ideally, employees and employers will form a two-way loyalty bond. This provides security and support for the workers. For the company, it saves time and money by eliminating unnecessary turnover and creating a healthy institutional memory.

4. Accelerated Innovation:

Committed employees push the conversation forward. Because they care, they are always looking for new ways to improve the firm’s operations.

How to Demonstrate Your Commitment

Now that you understand why companies put a high value on commitment, you need to take steps to demonstrate the trait as a job candidate. Here are some steps you can take:

Be Punctual and Responsive During the Recruitment Process

If you can’t commit to the hiring process, how can you commit to a job? You don’t want your prospective employer asking that question. Instead, do everything you can to demonstrate your willingness to give 100% effort to every endeavor.

Ask Questions

Show your engagement by asking questions. Learn everything you can about the company and the position. This way, you indicate your high interest level in the job. At the same time, you’ll foster a rapport with people at the company.

Describe Past Acts of Commitment

Give examples of times you’ve shown commitment in the past. After all, if you’ve devoted yourself to a previous employer, you’re likely to do it again. Have stories of loyalty and dedication ready.

Exceed Expectations

Go above and beyond during the recruiting process. Yes, this can be a risk. Put a lot of effort into an application and it could go to waste if you don’t get the job. However, the added time investment will signal your devotion to the task and raise your chances of landing the position.

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