Finding a dream job isn’t just about the job. It’s also about finding the right company. You might find a perfect outlet for your skills and background. But if you don’t end up at a high-quality company, you might regret taking the position.

Ideally, landing a new position means your job search has finally come to an end. But accept an offer from a low-quality company, and you could be back in the job market in a short period of time. One survey showed that, of workers looking for a new employer, 43% cited bad corporate culture as the reason.

If you truly want a long-term relationship with your employer, you need to find the right company. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know early in the process.

Of course, every employer will claim they are a top place to work. You need to dig deeper to find the truth.

Three Signs that the Firm you are Interviewing with is a High-Quality Company

You Respect the Company’s Products

Think of things from a customer’s perspective. You can’t tell everything from a firm’s consumer-facing brand. This could just represent a well-managed facade.

However, you can often tell a lot about a company from the products it makes. Top-quality items often emerge from a top-quality culture.

Imagine the attributes you value most. Are these qualities reflected in the company’s brand and in its products? If the answer is “yes,” then you have some indication that the company itself has high standards. After all, it must be doing something right.

This kind of logic isn’t always reliable. Many highly respected brands secretly treat their employees poorly. But you can start with a scan of the firm’s output and continue your investigation from there.

The Company Has a Strong Employer Brand

We’ve talked about the firm’s consumer brand. Now, turn that concept in another direction. Consider the company’s employer brand.

We live in a ratings culture. Movies, TV shows, products, restaurants – everything gets its reviews and assigned a number of stars.

Employers face the same online judgment. Every company has built up a reputation related to how well it treats its workers. Websites like Glassdoor help you learn these facts about a potential employer.

You can take this task a step further. Research the firm’s reputation among former employees. Seek out reviews and commentary. Search social media to see if anyone has spoken out against the company. A little investigation is likely to pull back the curtain, at least a little bit.

You Get a Good Vibe During the Recruitment Process

Think of the interview process as a first date. You won’t know everything by the time it’s over. But you’ll get a definite feeling about how things went.

Pay attention as you go through the hiring process. Most job seekers get so focused on impressing potential employers that they forget to form their own opinion about the company.

Don’t fall into this trap. Sure, you need to put your best foot forward. But you should be forming a judgment about the firm as well. Consider some key questions as you go along:

  • Did they respect your time during recruitment?
  • Did you like what they said about the company culture?
  • How did you like the people you met during the interview? Will you be working directly with them if you get hired?

Getting the answers to these questions will give you a clue about what it’s like to work inside the organization. Trust your gut. That will tip you off to a potentially bad decision.

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