2024 Florida Talent Trends

2024 Florida Talent Trends

The Hiregy team has hundreds of conversations with executives and hiring specialists each year, and many express a desire to know what their peers are doing in today’s ever-changing talent landscape. Because we’re in a unique position to communicate with hundreds of companies across multiple industries in Florida, we recently conducted a survey to gather insights from Florida businesses about hiring trends and expectations for 2024. We’re pleased to share the results.

  • 78% of companies are finding it difficult to hire quality candidates right now.

  • Customer Service, Accounting and Leadership positions are currently the most difficult roles to fill.
  • 40% of companies reach out to staffing firms if a position has been open too long and 15% include staffing firms in most of their searches.

  • 90% of companies are increasing pay rates for open roles.
  • Only 3% of companies are considering downsizing in 2024, while most are hiring at similar rates as this time last year.
  • Salary, work-from-home options, and opportunity for career advancement are the three most important factors candidates consider when evaluating job offers.
  • 46% of companies are all in office, 33% are hybrid and only 11% are fully remote.

  • 70% of companies plan to leave their current work-from-home policies in place for 2024.

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