Caitlin Condo HiregyCaitlin Thompson

Director of Client Relations

My favorite part of my job at Hiregy is … helping people get connected to a job they love. It’s a win-win for everyone; they have a job that they like to go to everyday and our clients have an awesome employee who they can rely on. It’s so rewarding to see someone’s excitement when they get a job offer.

During a typical workday you’ll find me 
… at networking events and reaching out to hiring decision makers at local companies. I also frequently have the pleasure of meeting with them to discuss hiring challenges, upcoming needs and how we can help them build an exceptional team.

The best advice I ever received was … Life is a journey, not a destination.  My mother's advice to live in the moment goes right along with this. There are always going to be obstacles to face and if you're constantly worrying about what's next, you aren't enjoying the journey. I always try to remind myself of this.

If I were stranded on a desert island ... I’d have a pile of mystery and romance novels. I love to read. When I was growing up you couldn’t find me without a book in my hands.

In the next five years, I would like to ... travel more. I'd love to take a South African safari, see the pyramids in Egypt and explore more of North America. I have not yet been to the Grand Canyon, San Diego or Alaska, so those are also on my list!

When you meet me, make sure you ask me about … European travel tips. I've traveled to more than 10 countries there, including Poland, Germany, Italy and Greece.