The Hiregy Family

We believe it should be easy to know who we are and how to reach us. Say hello to the Hiregy team.

Bill Fries Bill Fries


What is Bill's office nickname? > Find Out.

Shaun-headshot_89_88Shaun Androff

Vice President of Client Relations

What is Shaun's favorite office snack? > Find Out.

Caitlin.Condo.Headshot.Sept2014Caitlin Condo

Client Relations Manager

What the best advice Caitlin's mother gave her? > Find Out.

Bill.Curtiss.HiregyBill Curtiss

Client Relations Manager

Which sports team will you find Bill routing for? > Find out.

Todd.Loomis.HiregyTodd Loomis

Client Relations Manager

What do Todd and Miley Cyrus have in common? > Find Out.

Carrie_KingCarrie King

Director of Client Services

What drives Carrie crazy? > Find Out.

Amy_GarrisonAmy Garrison

Client Services Manager

What is Amy's favorite sports team? > Find Out.

Michelle LoudenMichelle Louden

Client Services Manager

Where does Michelle get her energy? > Find Out.

Kristina.Doran.Headshot.Sept2014Kristina Doran

Client Services Manager

What is Kristina afraid of? > Find Out.

Brian.Potts.HiregyBrian Potts

Client Services Manager

What is Brian's hidden talent? > Find Out.

Richard.Boughton.HiregyRichard Broughton

Client Services Manager

Why does Richard look familiar? > Find Out.

Teal.HunterTeal Hunter

Client Services Coordinator

What would Teal want to have with her on a deserted island? > Find Out.

Brandi.McNenneyBrandi McNenney

Director of Operations

What will you always find in Brandi's office? > Find Out.